Broken Garage Door Spring Repair Services

Weather you have extension spring or torsion spring in your garage door, in few years it will need a change. An average life of torsion spring is between 15,000-20,000 cycles while that of extension spring is about 10,000 cycles. A cycle is complete when the garage door is opened and closed. The chances of spring to break is higher in winters. Other reasons can be long usage or corrosion. Usually, it is the Garage Door Repair Broken Spring that will need repair most frequently. The spring snaps with a loud BANG!! And remember, do not operate the door with broken spring, it can be unsafe. So, here we are, Garage Door Repair Tacoma having experience of over decades in handling Garage Door Repair Broken Spring and accessories repairs and replacements. 

Operating the garage door while the spring is broken puts extra load on the door opener and cable. This may cause further damage to other parts of the garage door as well. In such case, call us and our experts will be with you for analysis and provide you with best solutions at unbeatable price. We have springs of all leading and reliable brands that comes with warranty. In case of any damage during warranty, we will replace the spring. If you have been using both the springs for same time and one gets broken, we normally suggest that you should replace both as a precautionary measure. You can book an appointment with us via phone, message or email. In case of emergency, our services are available 24X7 at a minimal extra cost. Once our experts visit you, they will check the garage door completely and suggest you the repairs with the costing. You can be relaxed as you are in safe hands as we at Tacoma Garage Door Repair work to provide you professional, reliable and pocket friendly services for all you garage needs.